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Nick de Augustine made my set of paintings come to life <3

Everythings gonna be alright on We Heart It.
Saw this near a bench and just stared at it.  I keep thinking, this has to be fake.  The picture doesn’t do the bug justice.  It was so blue and I had never seen a bug like it.  I finally decided to get close to it which for me is being brave; I don’t like bugs and this one while beautifully colored looked scary with what looked like a stinger at the end.  It was dead, poor fellow but I had to take a picture.
San Antonio Wizard World 1st buy 2day

Pretty wild, was live minutes ago, here of the video.

Just doesn’t get it

I usually go out to smoke when nobody is around, mainly because it’s my time to reflect on the day. Unfortunately I get there and there’s someone there. OK, fine I’ll just keep to myself. But it has to be someone who has to talk, can’t just enjoy the peace and quiet. She brings up Robin Williams, not something I want to talk about. I don’t respond; yea it’s rude but suicide is a trigger and I hope she gets the message. Fucking nope. Then she says “this younger generation can’t cope with depression and life”.
That’s enough for me; fighting to keep control I walk away. I’m thinking ” fuck she just doesn’t get it. Nobody does, I don’t; but I do know after losing two friends to suicide that whatever is happening is beyond our comprehension and understanding. But they have to be in such pain that they can only see one way out. How can we imagine that kind if pain. I can’t, but I at least accept their decision and work it out. It’s been 3 and 4 years and while I am doing better there are times like this; that trigger, where I have to walk away. Fortunately I can come, rant and let it out. Back to real life. Done!


taking a nap is always so risky like when will I wake up? in thirty minutes? in 2 hours? in 7 years?? no one can be sure

Yep, naps are adventures!!!!!

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Haven’t been here in a while & that’s K w me. Back to Plato’s Cave………….

San Antonio Wizard World Comic Con

Ready for my trip to San Antonio and the fun Wizard World Comic Con.  Pictures to come.  :)

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